Premier Outsourcing Growth Partners

Africa’s leading business and knowledge process outsourcng provider

Business Efficiencies & ROI

Across multiple sectors worldwide

Professional Teams

To assist with many administrative and professional functions

Software Development

Conception, design and programming of specific software components tailored to your business needs

Technical Support

Inbound and outbound technical support teams

Outsource Global

Outsource Global builds profitable partnerships with our clients and identifies opportunities where we can help them scale. There are no limitations in terms of the industries we can assist, as we employ and upskill our teams based on the customized requirements of our partner clients.

Our team work as an extension of your office. 

The infrastructure, training and management is based entirely in our call center in Nigeria. Our focus has always been on ensuring our clients’ success, therefore we continuously endeavour to deliver the highest quality services, whilst looking at ways in which we can exceed expectations.

Our Motivation

Driven by a passion towards youth and women development in Nigeria, the company was formed and structured in such a way, that we not only employ and upskill members in our community, but also focus our ethos around helping companies achieve exponential business growth.

Our Commitment 

Exponential Growth

  • Committed 24/7 to generating sales and new customers for your business.
  • Proficient, highly skilled agents providing world-class customer services.
  • Cost-effective, multi-process outsourced solutions that enable your business to scale and grow worldwide.

Cost Efficiency

  • Cost reductions of up to 70% for frontline and back office services.
  • Multilingual, multi-talented teams of customer service, live chat and back-office agents who consistently meet KPIs.
  • As you grow, we grow, from providing telemarketing services and transitioning into specialized accounting, data, legal and software development services.

Our Clients

Some of our selected sectors from our pool of partner clients across the UK, USA and Africa include:

Leading Social Security Advocacy Provider in the United States


Engineering and Information Technology companies


Broadcasting and Communications Regulators


Agribusiness Development Incorporations


Premier Online Social Media and Social Networking Service Company


Prominent Banks in Africa


Leading Healthcare Providers

Client Locations